The entire coast of Peru is home to the Sechura Desert, known to be one of the most arid in the world. Consequently fresh water sources are literally non- existent. In areas outside of larger cities, access to water becomes increasingly difficult.
In rural areas, it is common for a person to walk more than two hours round trip for their daily water needs. PC090063More often than not, this water is collected from
surface water sources, such as a small lake or river bed by using a cart pulled by a donkey or mule (example shown to right). This water originates from the Andes Mountains where water is more abundant. Water is continually contaminated as it travels towards the Pacific Ocean through these lakes and rivers. During the driest seasons, these water sources dry up making it even more difficult for the general population to locate and retrieve water for their daily needs.
Due to all of these factors, the only sustainable solution is to drill deep water wells throughout these rural areas. WPI is currently working to get water well drilling equipment into Peru so that we may begin projects to combat this extremely dry environment.

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WPI has just began work in the country of Haiti. Our initial efforts in Haiti were in response to the devastating earthquake on January 12th, 2010. Justin Walker president and founder of WPI traveled to Haiti soon after the earthquake where he began working in any way possible to help bring clean water to those affected by the terrible disaster.DSC_0042
Before Justin traveled to Haiti he made a contact with the organization “Filter Pure Filters” in the Dominican Republic that produced a very sustainable ceramic water filter. When Justin arrived on the ground in Haiti, he immediately began work with Filter Pure, and several other NGO’s in Port au Prince to distribute as many ceramic water filters as possible.
The ceramic water filters that WPI is distributing on the ground in Haiti are one of the most sustainable water filters on the planet. Not only does the filter carry a very comfortable price tag, but filters water which meets/exceeds the “World Health Organization’s” standards for water filters at an astonishing 99.999% pure!
These filters are only 30 US Dollars! If you would like to sponsor a water filter that will provide a family of 8 with clean water for at least 5 years, please click here to purchase a filter for a Haitian Family!

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